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Useful information on materials protection values can be found in the Wikipedia , and on a page by PJ Deschenes and John Burke at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics .

You can use this chart to instantly convert values in centimeters (from 1 to 50 centimeters) to their equivalent inch values in either decimal or fraction forms. For example, by following this chart, you can see that 5 centimeters equals inches or in fractions - /16 inches.

Height, floor to center of front inlet suction, inches (mm) 16-1/2" (419) Height, floor to center of discharge, inches (mm) 45-1/4" (1149) Overall length over skids, inches (mm) 209" (5309) Width over frame, inches (mm) 78-5/8" (1997) Width over pinion shaft, inches (mm) 113-3/4" (2889) Height, floor to top of gear case, inches (mm) 75" (1905) Height over fluid cylinders, inches (mm) 62-15/16" (1599) Max. input, horsepower (kW) 1600 (1193) Rated pump speed, spm 120 Maximum fluid cylinder line bore*, inches (mm) 7-01/4" () Stroke, inches (mm) 12 () Hydrostatic test pressure of standard fluid cylinders, psi (kg/cm²) 10,000 (703) Ratio of gears Suction connection, ASA-150 lb. flange, inches 10" Discharge connection, cross w/API-5000 lb. flange, inches 6" Valve pot, API number Weight-complete, less sheave, lbs. (kg) 54,700 (24,810) *Above 5000 PSI on 12-P-160 is optional

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Logs are converted into timber by being sawn, hewn , or split . Sawing with a rip saw is the most common method, because sawing allows logs of lower quality, with irregular grain and large knots, to be used and is more economical. There are various types of sawing:

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Various - 12 Inches Of Micmac Volume 3Various - 12 Inches Of Micmac Volume 3Various - 12 Inches Of Micmac Volume 3Various - 12 Inches Of Micmac Volume 3