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This page contains a list of all current and former Scholars of Trinity College going back to 1925. You may search for Scholars by any combination of name, course or year of election. It is sufficient to use partial names or course titles. To see who is contactable and to view biographies you should log in . If you are a former Scholar and do not want to appear on the list, please email the webmaster .

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"we (all trees) have 'sleeping' angels with them waiting for battle, but we MUST act NOW and CALL ON THEM OUT LOUD, gently, and with love. The angels of the trees are here to help us fight this battle all over the world. You need a team of people to go to the trees (one at a time will do, just gently whisper and stand near the trees and literally say out loud "'angels of the trees, we need your help NOW to stop geoengingeering. We are summoning your aid. Help us save your life and ours, and awaken the angels, for the time of battle against darkness has come, and we can not fight without your help."

So, since removing the stippled pattern ended in utter failure…
here are our options for covering up the texture:
• skim coat over the existing texture
• remove ceiling sheetrock completely & replace with new smooth sheetrock
• sheetrock over existing textured ceiling

Courtney Pine - Modern Day Jazz StoriesCourtney Pine - Modern Day Jazz StoriesCourtney Pine - Modern Day Jazz StoriesCourtney Pine - Modern Day Jazz Stories